Title: Hello Kitty Sliding

Description:Guess which the most famous children's cartoon is? I believe everyone knows the answer of this question. The most famous children's cartoon nowadays is Hello Kitty. Every kid like to watch Hello Kitty especially the girls. Because of its popularity there are many online games whit this cartoon character. One of them is Hello Kitty Slider. In this game you have to make this sliding puzzle. When you press play button the image will divide in 16 pieces, one of them is empty. You can move the pieces of the puzzle with the mouse click on the piece you like to move. If you have some difficulties you can click on the background button and you can see which piece belongs to the empty part. When you solve this sliding puzzle you can play it again, but have on mind that every next puzzle is more and more difficult. Play this game as long as you like and have a great fun!

Rating: 2.00 [Rate]
Hello Kitty Sliding

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